Lab Report 1: What's in a Name? may be asking yourself:

"Why Sō? What's with Labs? Where did these random model names come from?"

These are all valid questions, and we're here to talk about them in the first Lab Report (that's code for 'blog').

Choosing a name for a company is not as fun as it sounds. It's rarely a fast decision, you have to constantly cross check valid URLs (notice ours still kinda sucks but oh well), and ultimately it should have a deeper meaning. Thankfully for us the decision didn't take too long and our purpose was simple: this brand wants to focus on the beauty of layering color in techniques that haven't been traditionally explored in modern watches, and the process in doing so should feel like a discoverable process.

 translates to 'Layer, or Idea/Thought/Conception'層/想 in Japanese. Transparency through layering is what drives our aesthetic. 

LABS ~ innovation requires hypothesizing, tinkering and experimentation; all processes which we've put in place to launch our LAYER 1 and LAYER 2 Series.

Ok, now that we've got our brand name covered, lets get to those odd model names.

"Seriously, what's an Emerald Rhino?"

It's simple. After hundreds of color variations and finalizing our Pantone colors, we went to the web and found a color thesaurus that gives names to the various shades and tones of a particular base color. Our naming convention pairs our two dominant colors together: Dial + Hour

Until the next report,


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