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So Labs Funky Watches Sō Fun Quartz Automatic Timepiece Chicago About Us

Sō Labs is a team of Chicago based watch dudes striving to put the fun(k) back into telling time. 

We believe differentiation meant starting from the ground up. Our core design aesthetic of transparency drove the need for a fully custom watch to bring our concepts to life. Our name is meant to encompasses this vision:

~ translates to 'Layer, or Idea/Thought/Conception'層/想 in Japanese. Having lived there for a short period, I was greatly influenced by their playfulness in design and minimalist aesthetics. Transparency through layering is central to the look of our timepieces.

LABS ~ innovation requires hypothesizing, tinkering and experimentation; all processes which we've put in place to launch our LAYER ONE Series and look forward to pursuing more through the future launch of our automatic pieces.

Our dials are intentionally logo-free so that our Pantone color combinations, transparent cases, gradient wheels, and printed disc handsets can remain the hero of the brand's identity.

Finally, each model we release will remain in limited quantities because Exclusivity is Never One-Dimensional, sō add another layer!

Welcome to Sō Labs ~


Rick | Co-Founder | rick@so-labs.co 

So Labs Funky Watches Sō Fun Quartz Automatic Timepiece Chicago Rick @buyingmytime